Daniel Marino

web designer & front-end developer

I've got a pretty rockin' portfolio, but you're viewing this site on a screen that's a little too small to appreciate it. Check back on a tablet or desktop computer. If you'd like to catch a glimpse of my work in the meantime, please check me out on Dribbble.

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Koala Pay

I recently worked with Koala Pay to design and develop a landing page to promote their new mobile platform. The site features a responsive layout and is HiDPI-ready. Visit Koala Pay

Koala Pay Desktop Screen Shot Koala Pay Phone Screen Shot Koala Pay Tablet Screen Shot


Over the course of a year, I worked closely with a small team to redesign and reengineer Who.is's platform. I was responsible for crafting the user interface and implementing it in a Ruby on Rails environment using HAML, SASS JavaScript/jQuery and Backbone. View more on Dribbble

Who.is Browser Screen Shot

Cornerstone Bible Church

I designed and developed a new website for the small church in Brookline, NH. This site is built on WordPress, features a responsive layout, and uses yepnope.js to conditionally load assets based on the user's screen size which improves the user's mobile experience by decreasing page load. Visit Cornerstone Bible Church

Cornerstone Bible Church Desktop Screen Shot Cornerstone Bible Church Phone Screen Shot Cornerstone Bible Church Tablet Screen Shot

Sweet Hat Club

This was a social experiment started by Cramer Dev, and was featured on Media Queries. I was responsible for the branding, design and development of the site on WordPress. This site features a responsive layout. Visit Sweet Hat Club

Sweet Hat Club Desktop Screen Shot Sweet Hat Club Phone Screen Shot Sweet Hat Club Tablet Screen Shot

Daily Task Tracker

This open-source side-project started out as an entry for the 10K Apart and grew into a robust task- and time-management app. The site is responsive and makes heavy use of jQuery and localStorage. Visit Daily Task Tracker

Daily Task Tracker Desktop Screen Shot

About Daniel Marino

I'm an award-winning product designer who is passionate about creating simple, high-quality user experiences.

During the day I push pixels and wrangle code for Harvest as a web app designer from my home in New Hampshire. Over the years my work has been featured in several industry publications and style guides including CSS Mania, Pattern Tap, Media Queries, and more. I've also won an American Inhouse Design Award from Graphic Design USA.

When I'm not workin' for the man, I enjoy spending time with my wife and three kids. I also like rockin' out on guitar and drums, hand lettering, reading a good book, and savoring tender moments with my cat.

If you'd like a more formal background, please check out my résumé.

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