A little over a year ago, I composed a handful of songs. If I had to fit them into a genre, I’d go with Lofi or Chillvibes. Or maybe Not-Rock-n-Roll. I don’t know—I’m so bad at classifying music.

I wasn’t sure what to do with the songs. I was experiencing some intense emotions when I was composing them. I’ve been doing a lot of emotional growth over this past year (and still am), and I feel like by releasing them into the wild would be cathartic for me. To acknowledge that that chapter in my life happened, and it’s okay. So with that, here’s Free Radon.

So why Free Radon? I’d like to say I put a lot of thought into naming the album, but I didn’t. I needed cover art for the album, and I thought it would be fun to generate random artwork for it. So I used the p5.js JavaScript library to do so. I used the p5.js web editor, and when you create a new sketch it automatically creates a random name for it—in this case Free Radon. Speaking of using p5.js to create the artwork, you can view the script, and mess around with it.

Hope you like the music. If you do, share it with others, or buy it, or both! If you don’t like it… oh well.