The coronavirus is here, and as a result a lot of employers are asking employees to work remotely if possible. I’ve seen a fair share of tips for remote working blog posts this past week. I figured I’d cash in on the action and share my thoughts.

Don’t Overthink It

Most of the posts I’ve read, more or less, are saying the same things: have an enjoyable working environment, communicate with your team regularly, stick to a schedule, yada yada yada…

All of those are great, but also seem subjective. Maybe its because I’ve been a remote working for over 10 years, but I have a different point of view here. The best advice I have is: don’t overthink it. I’m not saying all those other things aren’t important, however if you spend too much time focusing on: I have to do this and I have to do that, you’ll probably find the transition will be more difficult and take longer.

It is a Transition

Simply be aware that remote working is a transition, especially if you’ve worked in an office environment for some time. And that’s ok! Recognize this, but try not to dwell on it too much. Do what you can to figure out how to get into your groove quickly. Maybe that means working in pajamas, or working at the kitchen table instead of a dedicated office, or whatever!

The fact is, it will take you a little time to get used to remote working. And you’ll likely have to try different things to find what works for you. Your preferences might also fluctuate over time. Be aware of the transition, and try not to overthink it.